The Irony that is Cooper

Yes, I think this is what is called irony. I’ve been discussing the idea of having a child with my gentleman for quite a few months now and he’s mentioned several different reasons why he doesn’t want one. Being an older man, he never expected to have a child at this stage in his life. Not only is he worried about the financial responsibility, but he’d rather spend his later years traveling and a child would prevent him from doing so.

Yet I found it ironic that as soon as I let the baby conversation go, he started talking about getting a dog! He even started looking into dog breeders and contacting them about the possibility of purchasing a schnauzer. I didn’t say anything when this was happening because I didn’t feel it was in my place to do so. The man seemed pretty adamant about getting a dog and I left him alone in his pursuit.

I still didn’t say anything when he sent me a photo of Cooper, the schnauzer he had arranged to pick up. It was a cute little thing, I have to admit. My gentleman decided that it was ours and that we would rename the two year old dog together. While I’m admittedly a fan of dogs, my heart has always been with the quiet disposition and independence of cats. I wasn’t interested in having a dog or sharing the responsibilities of having one.

As it turned out, my man realized right away that Cooper required a little more work than he anticipated. He’d had a schnauzer before and it didn’t need his constant attention like Cooper did. Cooper literally followed his every move. My gentleman had to be careful to not step on him or worse- trip over him! On top of that, it was too much for him  to walk Cooper every day because of a bad knee. So he had to hire a dog walker to come at least twice a day!!

Needless to say, it wasn’t long before my gentleman decided that it would not be feasible for him to keep Cooper. (Because of this, he decided to let go of the idea of renaming him, too.) Unfortunately, the seller was away on vacation which meant my man had to hold on to Cooper for another week before taking him back!

Now, I didn’t offer much in the way of advice about Cooper because I would not have been objective. I don’t want a dog barking at me or constantly at my feet when I go to his home. I certainly didn’t like it when he snapped at me and tried to bite me in defense of his owner!

I couldn’t help but wonder about the irony of it all: My guy purchased a dog— which takes time, commitment, work, money, and discipline. The same things- in one form or another- that a baby would require. There’s a lesson to be learned here, I think, by both of us. Was this like a trial run? A taste of what we are to expect in a future that grants me the wish of a child while I’m still with this man? Time will tell…

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