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IMG_2817With a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and Literature from Hofstra University, Cathy Marie has held editorial positions in book publishing companies in the Bronx and Manhattan for 14 years. After obtaining a Masters Degree in Education from St. John’s University in 2009, she started teaching English in a Queens high school. She is currently working on two projects. Her first work is a novel about a young woman who has allowed her depression to ruin her relationships with her family, friends, and boyfriend. Her second project is about a single, professional woman in her 40s looking for love while facing personal struggles.

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  1. Hey Gamal! I was just reading your comment again and I think there might be a slight misunderstanding. I want to be clear about this page. This is an About the Author page which highlights the professional credentials of the author. It should not have anything to do with my likes or dislikes, the opera, my personality or anything like that. It is not like a Facebook page or anything. It’s there to throw light on who I am as a writer and to let the reader know why they should read what I have to write. If anyone wants to know a little more about me, they’ll have to get to know me through my blog posts!

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